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The Fadal Parts

Welcome to The Fadal Parts. We offer new, re-manufactured and used parts from Accu-Tech, Advanced Motion Control (AMC), Baldor, Calmotion, Glentek, NSK, Tri-Tech, Yaskawa and many more!

International Shipping

TheFadalParts.com ships internationally on a regular basis. Please Contact Us for a custom shipping quote.

Obsolete Fadal Parts

TheFadalParts.com carries a large supply of products that may not be readily available from other suppliers or currently produced by MAG Fadal. We carry old monitors, control boards, CPUs, amplifiers, and spindle drives (inverters). We have years of experience with the old VMC45 so Contact Us if you need help with your VMC45!

Used Fadal Parts

TheFadalParts.com is always in the market for old parts. We will purchase your spindle drives (inverters), amplifier cards, control boards, ball screws, spindles and more! Contact Us Today!

FREE Technical Support

Twenty-five years of troubleshooting experience is available 24/7! TheFadalParts.com offers free technical support get your machine back up today. Contact Us by phone (for a faster response) or by email and we will get back to you as soon as humanly possible. We are not restricted by normal business hours; we are often able to help you get back online during holidays, weekends, and non-working hours.

Service For Your Fadal

We have contacts to many service technicians throughout the world to help you get back online. Contact Us to find your closest technician.

Used Fadal For Sale?

TheFadalParts.com can help you buy or sell a Fadal machine. We offer several rebuilt Fadal’s including 3016’s, 4020’s, 6030’s, and 8030’s. We inspect and rebuild machines using OEM parts and former factory technicians and engineers to ensure quality. Click Here to see our machines on sale or Contact Us if you have a machine you would like to sell or trade-in.

Fadal Manuals

Fadal FX Fanuc-0iMC Manuals
Fanuc Manual Guide Programming Manual
Fadal CNC Operator Manual
Fadal Parts Manuals - Performance Series
Fadal Parts Manuals - Standard Series
Maintenance Manual
Wiring Diagrams
Fadal CNC User Manual
Quick Reference
Safety Warnings
Fadal w/ FANUC 18i-MB5 Control

Note: All files are in PDF format, need http://www.compumachine.com/images/Default/pdficonsm.gifAcrobat Reader to view. Right click on the link and "Save Target As..." to Save. Please beware some files are large & take time to download. Download time depends on file size and your internet speed.

FX FANUC Oi-MC Manuals
Fanuc_Installation_Manual_2006. 1.1MB
Fanuc_Maintenance_Manual_2006. 1.1MB
Fanuc_Operator_Manual_2006 2.6MB
Safety_Manual_2006. 1.6MB

FANUC Manual Guide Programming Manaul
Fanuc_Manual_Guide_Training_Manual. 96MB!!!

Operator Manual
Table of Contents. 2.7MB
Power On/Off. 3MB
Pendant. 3MB
Jog Mode. 2.9MB
Run Mode. 2.8MB
Emergency Stop. 2.7MB
Formats. 3.1MB
Spindle. 2.8MB
Tool Changer. 2.7MB
Coolant. 2.8MB
Commands. 3MB
Index. 2.8MB

Fadal Parts Manuals - Performance Series
VMC 4525. 2.9MB
VMC 3020. 3MB
VMC 6535. 4.6MB
Options. 5.1MB

Fadal Parts Manuals - Standard Series
VMC 15/15XT. 2.7MB
VMC 2016L. 4.4MB
VMC 2216. 2.4MB
VMC 3016. 2.4MB
VMC 3016L. 2.6MB
VMC 4020. 4.2MB
VMC 4020A. 2.3MB
VMC 5020A. 2.4MB
VMC 6030. 2.6MB
VMC 8030. 2.9MB
Options. 5.1MB
EMC Parts List. 1.6MB
TRM. 2.1MB

Maintenance Manual
Table of Contents. 296.2KB
1 Specification Pages. 2MB
2 Pre-Installation Procedures. 275KB
3 Installation Procedures. 2.8MB
4 Machine Maintenance. 1.3MB
5 Automatic Tool Changers. 5.2MB
6 Axis Drive Systems. 2.9MB
7 CNC Controls. 1.2MB
8 Spindle Drive and Motor. 4.6MB
9 Attached Optional Devices. 3.6MB
10 Rotary Tables. 1.5MB
11 Probes & Scales. 19.9MB
12 Pallet Changer. 1.2MB
13 Chip Removal Devices. 499.5KB
14 General Information. 340.9KB
15 Diagnostics. 298.2KB
16 Troubleshooting. 1MB
17 Service Programs. 286.2KB
18 Fuses, Heaters, Parameters. 1.4MB
Index. 327.3KB

Wiring Diagrams
Table of Contents. 106KB
Electrical / CE Interlocks. 2.1MB
Spindle. 230KB
4th Axis Servo Options. 803.2KB
Probes and Scales. 627.5KB
Options. 1.6MB
Pendant. 637KB
Transformers. 446.5KB
Siemens. 1.9MB
Chip Conveyor. 310.5KB
Washdown. 533.1KB
104D. 1MB
TRM. 404.3KB
Siemens 802D. 1.2MB
Section 15. 421KB

User Manual
Table of Contents. 756.6KB
Sect 1 - Summary. 759.6KB
Sect 2 - M Functions. 829.6KB
Sect 3 - G Codes. 801.3KB
Sect 4 - Fixed Cycles. 815.5KB
Sect 5 - Subroutines. 730.9KB
Sect 6 - Fixed Subroutines. 762.1KB
Sect 7 - Keyboard. 754.6KB
Sect 8 - Commands. 1.4MB
Sect 9 - CRC. 1.6MB
Sect 10 - Error Messages. 855.6KB
Sect 11 - Coordinate Systems. 67.6KB
Sect 12 - Rotary Axes. 255.2KB
Sect 13 - Interpolation. 834.3KB
Sect 14 - Communications. 802.4KB
Sect 15 - Touch Probes. 988KB
Sect 16 - Command Menus. 751.7KB
Sect 17 - Pallet Changer. 783.3KB
Sect 18 - Macros. 901.9KB
Sect 19 - Miscellaneous. 835.3KB
Sect 20 - Graphics. 856.1KB
Sect 21 - Formats. 794.9KB
Sect 22 - TRM Operation. 255KB
Index. 997.6KB

Quick Reference
Command Menu. 343KB
Command Summary. 346.8KB
Error Codes. 353.8KB
Program Codes. 362.2KB

Safety Warnings
Safety Section/Label Locations. 2.6MB

Advanced Feed Forward. 110.8KB
Command Lock. 51.8KB
Survey Command. 62.3KB
AMC Vector Drive. 138.6KB
VH5C Collet Air Valve. 96.5KB
Dual ATC-Error Messages. 119.4KB
Probe Digitizing Manual. 3.7MB

Fadal w/ FANUC 18i-MB5 Control
Fadal w/ Fanuc 18i-MB5 Installation Manual. 3.9MB
Fadal w/ Fanuc 18i-MB5 Operator Manual. 842KB
Fadal w/ Fanuc 18i-MB5 Wiring Diagram. 1.8MB
Fadal w/ Fanuc 18i-MB5 Maintenance Manual. 1.2MB
FANUC User Manual. 5.2MB