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We honor manufacturer’s warranties for new parts. Remanufactured, rebuilt, or reconditioned parts carry a 30 day, 6 month or 1 year warranty (depending on the part) due to defects in workmanship. We will replace defective products with a product of the same condition: products sold as “new” will have a “new” replacement; products sold as remanufactured, rebuilt or reconditioned will be replaced with a similar product of the same condition. If we find that a “new” part returned has failed due to improper installation or other problems with your machine, we will refer to the manufacturer’s judgment as to how they wish to proceed.

Customers are required to contact TheFadalPats.com for all refunds and warranty inquiries for a Return Merchandise Authorization number.

Customers MUST allow TheFadalParts.com to validate the warranty as specified. If the customer purchases a replacement part from another source after informing us of an issue with the part we shipped, any warranty will be voided and TheFadalParts.com will be held without liability for any refunds of the original purchase price. WE MUST HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO REPLACE YOUR MALFUNCTIONING PART.